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Vans – Third Eye Tour


To introduce the biggest Skate Tour and Competition India has ever seen. The event saw 140+ skaters congregating at Bangalore to show off their skill, leading to a tour across Hampi and Goa spreading the stoke across the nation.

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The Third Eye Tour 2014 was a the launch pad event for bigger things to come from for #SkateBoarding in the country. As such, we wanted to highlight the versatility of skateboarding opportunity that lies in India.

To do that we organized for a space that allowed skaters to congregate and celebrate their community and partake in a first-of-its-kind multi-city tour of sharing the stoke.

A three-part recap video ensured post-event interest waves.


The Third Eye Tour saw 140+ skaters celebrate the growing skater culture in India, it also helped draw attention to the multitude of possibility related with skater culture that exist in India.

Indian skaters participated from 9 Indian cities – Kolkata, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Vizag, Pondicherry,Ranchi, Pune, Goa and Bangalore. Additionally, International skateboarders from 10 countries Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Norway, Thailand, Austria, Australia, Switzerland and United States of America. Also participated.

Post the event all the skaters head on a road trip across Hampi & Goa to explore the best DIY skate spots the country has to offer.

The 9 days saw some of the best local talent battling it out in Bangalore first and then saw one of the the biggest congregations of skateboarders from across the country and world, right here in India.

  1. The campaign saw a first of its kind congregation of national and international skaters.

  2. The campaign also saw skaters take off on a chartering of Indian terrain from the lens of skateboarding.

  3. Social media platforms were also leveraged to add digital legs to the experience.

  4. The campaign also saw a post event 3-part video coverage of the entire experience, aiding post event interest waves.

  5. Helped educate a wider audience to skateboarding culture.

The campaign also saw a successful collaboration of multiple big players in the skating , i.e Vans, Red Bull, HolyStoked Collective, The Outdoor Journal, TopGrom and KOKKIVO CLOTHING.