Etsy Creator’s Loft


Art and artistic expression is inherent in the very threads this country is made of. We are emotional, creative, expressive beings, with fingers that don’t stay idle and minds that don’t stop churning. Homegrown coined and curated Etsy’s Creators Loft to celebrate the company’s launch in Mumbai with the aim to bring together Mumbai’s artist and DIY community and create a space to drive conversation around empowering artistic communities across all disciplines.

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With Etsy’s Creators Loft, our strategy was to breathe life back and showcase the work of a talented, eclectic bunch of artists, collectives, and entrepreneurs who truly exude a D-I-Y spirit and offer each attendee the opportunity to get their hands a little dirty and experience creating something wholly their own instead of just witnessing it.


We took over Mumbai’s Ministry Of New, turning the space into an idea ‘creators loft’ – with craft corners, stations for quick hoop embroidery hacks, doodle corners, a cafe with DIY bars and more! Besides these, the event curation consisted of:

  1. 4 workshops (Across key verticals of Fabric | Wood | Paper | Art )

  2. Over 10 pop ups (By Indian Homegrown brands as well as art collectives)

  3. 1 panel ( On Innovation, Sustainability & Creativity with Makers Asylum x Boheco x Design Fabric x Etsy )

  4. Acoustic Music Performances.