Nike Roshe


With this campaign, we wanted to portray that urban cities are just obstacle courses that only the youth knows how to navigate. And they do it with immense spirit, cutting out of the clutter to arrive at a point of graceful minimalist. The Nike Roshe’s are born with the thought of finding your zen space and moment with a strong focus on minimalism and expressionism of oneself in a truly authentic but simplistic manner.



To embody this thought, Homegrown conceptualised and executed a digital campaign for the launch of the Nike Roshe’s in India. The idea of the launch was to engage with certain urban dwellers who embody the concept of the Nike Roshe and create a visual narrative and universe for the Nike Roshe’s to exist in that engages and related to a customer.


The execution of the campaign saw us seed certain fashion and lifestyle influencers who took the concept of the Nike Roshe’s  and created a look that best embodies the mental as well as physical space that the Nike Roshe’s occupy.

This was coupled by a lookbook shot which visualy depicted the world that the Nike Roshe’s occupy, the zen space in the chaos of the urban concrete jungle. To go back to the roots and a time of simplicity, the spaces that were chosen to shoot at took cues from our childhood, playgrounds, amusements parks et al that captured the Nike Roshe’s in its element.