Nike #AIRMAXDAY 2017


Nike introduced its Air Cushioning Technology in 1979. By embedding Air Cushioning in the midsoles of its running shoes, it changed the way athletes approached and reacted to athletic performance forever. Years later, as Nike continued to bring the latest scientific discoveries to footwear design, the Nike Air component became larger – meaning greater cushioning and comfort – and was made visible for the first time by Tinker Hattfield in the Air Max shoe: now athletes could see as well as feel the benefits of Nike Air. We paid ode to this revolutionary technology that changed the sneaker game forever.

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To introduce Nike Air Max to India we hosted the first ever Sneaker Ball in Mumbai. We also took Nike Air Max to the masses, we activated influencers with a voice in the fashion, art and lifestyle industries. We activated the first sneaker spa. Air Max Day saw artists customise shoes for people who attended the event. The idea of the event was to engage more people with the history and evolution of the Nike Air Max through the years and be part of its future journey.


The execution of the campaign saw us organise the first Nike Air Max Sneaker Ball at Mehboob Studio, Mumbai. We created a space for people to come in and learn more about the Nike Air Max through a display of its history and evolution.

We created a 3D rendition of the lungs replacing it with the formation of the Air Max over which Wolves Visuals did projection mapping. The night saw an installation made by Rohan Joglekar showcasing the head of a human mannequin with the Air Max as lungs as well as a display of Homegrown curated photoshoot for Nike.

The 2nd year we organised the first Sneaker Spa on Air Max Day at AntiSocial, Mumbai. We invited influencers from various spaces to experience the world of Nike Air Max through customisations, installations and a short documentary on the Nike Air Max.

The launch of Nike Air Max 270 in 2018 took place at HGStreet where we curated workshops for people to participate in. The 2 workshops conducted were Upcycling workshop by Nishant Fogaat, people could come in and learn how to convert their sneaker to toys or bags. We also hosted a graffiti workshop with Dizzy aka Kajal, the first Indian graffiti street artist. The day saw a display of the Air Max 270 for people to come and purchase the shoes before its launch