Levi’s Communter


To introduce the Levis ‘Commuter’ product series to the millennium traveller in urban India.



The Levis Commuter is an apparel series that allows the millennium traveller both comfort and style, while they take on any adventure that lay in their wake.

To highlight that, we brought together influencers with a love of bikes and unafraid of treading their own path.


We brought to the forefront the ‘Secret Seven Superbikers’ club :

Seven young men all making their way in the world in incredibly varied and interesting ways with a common penchant for how their preferred free time should pan out–letting their bikes rip across open road, making the unknown known. They were all fashioned in Commuter apparel and asked for their take on the series.

Real men with real reviews.

Additionally, we also brought together influencers from the space of fashion : two models, one fashion photographer and a few Royal Enfields to up the quotient.

– Helped introduce the new avatar of the millennial traveller via the campaign.

– The experience was accompanied by content that was leveraged pre, post and during the event.

– The event saw a first ever use of a Superbike club introduced into brand campaigns in India.

– Social media platforms were also leveraged to add digital legs to the experience.