Johnnie Walker Join The Pact


Homegrown and CSM worked with Diageo to activate #JOINTHEPACT at scale in Mumbai and Delhi, encouraging consumers to make their commitment to never drink and drive.

The campaign was spearheaded by Johnnie Walker’s Global Responsible Drinking Ambassador and two-time Formula One World Drivers’ Champion, Mika Häkkinen.



Our idea was to gather sign-ups for the responsible drinking campaign as well as to create a unique auto event and drive excitement around the arrival of the Caparo T1 in India for the first time.

This was done through tastemaker Marketing, Mall activations with the Caparo T1, Multi channel Digital content, cross brand partnerships with Ola & Star Sports as well as mainline channel activations.

Our strategy was to:

– Get people to sign-up for the pledge and spread awareness around responsible drinking.

– Create excitement around Mika Hakkinen coming to India as well as the Caparo T1 being driven around the roads of India for the very first time

– Create consumption opportunities for #JohnnieWalker through trade activations.


The campaign began with a large scale social campaign to introduce the campaign to market. In order to generate buzz the Caparo T1 was displayed in 2 malls in Delhi a week prior to the main event.

The campaign was executed over a period of 3 days. The night before the campaign a dinner was organised with Gautam Singhania for Mika Hakkinen and the rest of the team involved in this campaign. The night saw motorsport enthusiasts as well as influencers who took the pledge to responsible driving

-Day 1 & 2 took place in Mumbai. The first day saw press interviews with media publications and Mika Hakkinen at WeWork, BKC. We also hosted a dinner at night with India”s top automotive influencers ranging from F1 drivers, Auto Editors, Car collectors & more. Day 2 also saw an Ola activation where influencers and fans got the opportunity to ride with Mika Hakkinen across Mumbai city alongside interviewing him.

-Day 3: Day 3 was the main activation where we blocked out an entire road in Gurgaon, which saw over 1000+ people turn up to experience Mika Hakinnen drive the Caparo T1 + Hosted 20 drives for influencers & media to experience being driven by an F1 World Champion.

The experience also saw a f1 paddock styled experience lunch, showcase of Delhi’s supercar club & Ducati riding Club


1 Million pledges for responsible drinking across India

20 Million Campaign Reach

500,000 USD Pr Value