Dinosaur Pile Up Live


British Council in association with Selector Radio and Homegrown organised the Mumbai tour for Dinosaur Pile Up, a Leeds based alternative rock band post their show at NH7 Hyderabad. The idea was to expose them to a larger audience and give some of their existing fans a listen in Mumbai while promoting Selector Radio.

Often when international bands come down to the country, they are hauled around for one weekend (maximum 2 depending on the number of shows they play) going from one venue to another, too exhausted to see any other part of the country.

We at Homegrown feel that it is essential for international acts to be able to see India through a more local lens + be able to interact and collaborate with musicians here to really bridge the gap between international and indian musicians.



Like all events at Homegrown, digital and on-ground activation is not looked at in silo. The strategy for this event was simple- introduce a larger, wider audience to Dinosaur Pile Up and have their current fans excited to come to watch them + introduce Dinosaur Pile Up to Mumbai, the contemporary cultural capital of India and have them meet and interact with local talent and musicians.


With Dinosaur Pile Up, we organised a tour around Mumbai, taking them to places that often musicians don’t get to visit. They had a truly local experience scouting for old records in a 100 year old bazaar, eating with their hands out of a banana leaf and enjoying contemporary bars and restaurants in Mumbai. They were taken around by Homegrown as well as key people in the cultural “scene” in Mumbai to help them best understand the places they were at.

All of this additionally became promotional content leading up to the show which was held at Todi Mills Social with a local band The Lightyears Explode opening for them.

Overall, the band had a great time, being able to see the city like never before (they had been to Mumbai before) which culminated into an amazing show with a great turnout.