Budweiser launched a new project to get closer to the electronic music culture in India. Budx saw a series of live performances, technical masterclasses; in-depth conversations celebrating the music scene, while giving open access to the stories, processes & learning behind them.

Budweiser wanted to launch their global music property BUDx in the India as the first market. The idea of the event was to create a ground-breaking experience for Indian Nightlife .

Homegrown worked as the local strategic & executional agency in collaboration with LA based CR8, Boiler Room, Madison & WMS, to conceptualize & execute the end to end experiential, content & outreach strategy.

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To break away from the generic nightlife parties & music conferences, BUDx became the most forward thinking project to get closer to the music industry at large. To bring the entire music system together for a 3 day event, Homegrown programmed and curated 60% of the live global & local performances, technical masterclasses, in-depth conversations celebrating the music industry, live installations, workshops & networking sessions .

The most important aspect of the strategy was to bring people across all music interests together & make it accessible to meet the industry under one roof.



Homegrown took over 4 Warehouses in Delhiā€™s Dhanmill Compound, as first of its kind Multi-warehouse takeover in the capital.


We curated a list of 70+ music tastemakers and curators from over 20 cities including non-metro cities like Pondicherry all the way to Shillong. These guests were flown down & experience a 3 day staycation at Marriot hotels and experience the festival.

HG also reached out to key lifestyle tastemakers who covered the event through their lens for their respective audiences.


Our panel curation was aimed at breaking the code on music conversations where it ranged form building a global career with the likes of Lost Stories to the Mental health issues in the industry to diversifying the dance-floor to make it a more inclusive space for individuals of all genders, communities and sexual orientation.

The panels were a great way to get people to learn about the key industry movements & also draw audiences in early for a week day based event.


The workshops were intended to be more entry level music based interactions. These ranged from the art of management, to the basics of production with global acts & vinyl usage by DJ Uri.


As we had a wide range of consumers come in & focus was to get people out of genre interests, we curated 2 rooms of music. The 3 days saw global & local legends x next gen musicians performing and covered all genres within the electronic music spectrum- Techno, House, Grime, Bass, Disco, Funk & everything in between.

  • Results

– Over 5000 people attended BUDx over 3 days

– Social Media Impressions: 500 Million +