Adidas Falcon Launch


Taking inspiration from the rebellious and trailblazing female icons of the ‘90s, and the ‘97 Falcon DORF runner on which it’s based, Falcon is about being unapologetically loud and not letting other people’s opinions stifle your POV or creativity.



Homegrown curated an exclusive guestlist for the launch of the new adidas Falcon as part of the Creators Collective. In addition to that Homegrown did a digital takeover across both platforms; Homegrown and Homegrown Street.


The launch online was executed through a week long takeover on Homegrown as well as Homegrown Street’s platform with Instagram posts as well as stories, creating a pre as well as post event buzz talking about the launch of the Falcon and the Creators Collective.

In addition to that, we also had:

  • Creators List


    Homegrown invited 13  tastemakers across various fields.
    The creators list was a list of exclusive female creators from various backgrounds – cutting across various spaces of music, dance, art, fashion, food and more! The idea was to curate female pioneers from their respective fields driving conversations forward. These exclusive creators had a higher social media following and were invited to participate in the workshop held for the Creators Collective.

  • Guestlist

    Homegrown additionally curated a guestlist of 20+ people who fit the aesthetic of the Falcon as well as adidas for this exclusive event to experience the 90s themed creators collective along with the music, pop up bar and a chance to win the Falcon as well.

  • Digital Content

    For the digital content, Homegrown created a content roll out plan for each day to attract attention and generate buzz around the launch. Content was pushed out on both our platforms, Homegrown and Homegrown Street. This happened pre, during and post the event.

  • Contest

    Homegrown also held a contest, inviting creators from the Homegrown audience to be a part of the event. More than 300 audience members applied for the contest, out of which 5 got selected.